Friday, 12 December 2014

Movie Reviw - Bridge to Terebithia

Hello Everyone! (or however many people actually look at my blog)

 I watched Bridge to Terebithia!

i read the book quite a while ago and was really excited to watch the movie!

The movie stars my favorite actress of all time...Anna-Sophia Robb as Leslie Burke and, wait for it....
the one and only, Josh Hutcherson as Jesse Aarons!

just a quickie ( anna-sophia robb was one of the actors considered to act Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and of course josh hutcherson is Peeta Mellark)
moving on...

Leslie Burke moves into the house next door to Jess Aarons'.
They both have no friends, and are both bullied by the other kids their age.So it makes sense for them to become friends.Together they make up the world of Terebithia...


Jess even invites Leslie to church, though they have interesting ideas about the bible!

                                       Jesse, sister Maybelle and Leslie

The movie is really interesting and looks into normal family life 

Jesse's mum, dad and baby Joyce Ann.

Older sisters Ellie and Brenda

The school bullies...

Janice Avery
Scott Hoager

Eventually Leslie befriends Janice.

And they are all happy and THEN...
i won't spoil it!

If you have the chance, do watch this movie!

God Bless!


  1. This movie made me cry! Like SOB! :-( Great review

  2. I know! i read the book and cried and then told myself i would have to bravely watch the movie!