Sunday, 19 October 2014


hello everyone! how are you all? how have your holidays been?

          a cool pic even though it's not summer hols!

well, mine were ok.

things i did

. i had to get flu, so i missed the country dance!

. but had some fun with family and me cuuuuuty bubby cuzzy! (said in fake baby-talkish voice)

. got enrolled in a Youthline Art Course at UCOL. Today we're doing sculpting! yay!

. went to the park with family

. had a sleepover with my bestie

. just hung round at home! you know, playing with siblings, schoolwork, baking.(yes i did a pinch of maths!)

Things i want to do...

. accomplish a great work of art (i guess you could say art is like the only thing i'm good at and enjoy)

. adjust the story i wrote to something more interesting (it's sooo boring at the moment!)

. be more helpful around home

. read my Bible more

What are your aims ideas?

Friday, 10 October 2014

oh well...

Sadly i am unwell and i wont be able to attend the country dance tonight. snif,snif.
though hopefully my friend Kaity will be able to get some pics!
love you all and God bless,

Monday, 6 October 2014

we all enjoy a change...

as you can see my blog is undergoing many changes, though i think i have finally found something good. if there is anything wrong, or you can't read something, just let me know and i will see about changing it!

Vanity Fair - Issue 1. October

Hello! and welcome to the first issue/post of  vanity fair! i hope all who view this find it interesting and to their liking! I don't have many today (just three!) but with your contributions in the future issue we wont need to worry about that! Please send new ideas if you have any! Enjoy!


No.1. Anakin and Padme     Movie: STAR WARS Ep.2  Contributor: Me!

Padme's dress is exquisite! It's the nicest one she ever wears! Anakin's clothes are so,so. Slightly fancier then a normal Jedi. What I really love is Padme's hair.She really suits curls! The hairnets are pretty! 

In this pic you can better see her hair.She has a lace flowered headband round her forehead and a pink ribbon holds her hair back. The hairnets are really pretty. What i love about her dress is that it's gold with pink flowers and embroidery on it and i think it looks really nice together!

Emily Blakeney Submitted:

Cosette Pontmercy's Wedding Outfit -  Movie: Les Mis 2012  Contributor: Emily Blakeney!

I love the overall style of all Cosette's clothes! The wedding dress is probably my favourite of all her dresses. It's pink, but a light pink, so not too far from the traditional white. I just love the puffed sleeves and all the lace! The sleeves have laces over part of them, and she has a lace piece over the bodice. (As you can see in the picture, the lace comes out underneath the sash.)

You can see in this picture that her earrings have white pearls/beads, then browny coloured beads underneath. Her hair is tied in a ribbon with small flowers on top, and a few larger ones at the back.
Overall, I really love this wedding outfit - I wouldn't mind having it for mine!

Thanks Emily for this great contribution!(i say that word too much!)

No.3. Anne Shirley Movie:Anne of Green Gables. Contributor: Me!
  Anne's clothes are all quite pretty, but this one exceeds them all! I love the whole puffy/flare look. The violet sash sooo pretty against the white dress! I like how on her right hand she wears a bangle over her glove, it looks pretty. The color in this pic isn't great but makes stand out better then other pics i saw.(the flowers in the background are pretty!) 

  You can see here that her pearl necklace from Matthew is three strands twisted together, and i think it looks nicer than one strand.She also has tiny pearl earrings.I love her hair! i mean, it's not super fancy, but it just look's so pretty!

I hope all you who read this enjoy it and please send any ideas that you have!

Next month...."November competition! THEME: Red girl/boy outfit.

vanity fair idea...?

So this might be a dumb idea or it could be a cool one....
Iv'e made up this monthly post/thing called Vanity Fair....(am i bad with words or something?)....
Every month i will post 3-5 different boy/girl outfits and say a few words about them.The best thing is that you guys (even if you don't blog!) can send me one via comment/e-mail and i will include it!
I will also do competitions where you enter ones you like and i will pick the three best and publish them. I hope you lovely people out there find this interesting and pleas comment with any cool new ideas for Vanity Fair! (the first issue will be posted asap!)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dream Cast - Characters Who Didn't Make It

It's really annoying how movie-makers leave out some important characters, so my sisters and I are casting our own!

In the Anne of Green Gables movies, Davy and Dora Keith are left out. They are the twins Marilla adopts after Anne leaves home

No.1. Davy Keith.
 For Davy, Jake Lloyd with curly hair is perfect.Jake Lloyd is little Anakin from STAR WARS.

No.2. Dora. Keith.
For Dora, Isabelle Allen.They are both small and sweet! Isabelle Allen is little Cosette in Les Mis.

 In Les Mis 2012 they leave out Azelma Thenardier and Monsieur Mabeuf.

No.3. Azelma Thenardier.

Willow Shields. She is Prim in The Hunger Games. She's small and sharp. Perfect for Azelma.

No.4. Mabeuf.

Alec Guinness. No longer alive, but this is a dream cast! He acts as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars 4.

In the movie of Swiss Family Robinson, Jack Robinson is not included.He was my favorite!

No.5. Jack Robinson.
 Skandar Keynes. I guess. Couldn't find anyone else.

In Little Woman 1994 Mr. Davis, Amy's teacher doesn't come up.It isn't really important, but...

No.6. Mr.Davis.
 Eric House. Mr.Philips the teacher in Anne of Green Gables.

So there weren't many,and it was a bit boring, but i hope you enjoyed?

So long!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Happy Birthday Bethany!

It's beth's sweet sixteenth!
My darling sis is turning 16 today!

visit Beth at her blog
May God bless you with many more years!

Love From,