Monday, 17 November 2014

Famous People Tag

Yay! (i think)  I've been tagged by Miss Naomi Bennet of Wonderland Creek 
for the 'Famous People Tag!

~ The Rules ~
-Put up the 'famous people tag button' and link back to the person who tagged you
-Answer the questions
-Tag the ten last people who commented on your blog (excluding anonymytes or the person who tagged you)
~The official questions!~
#1 Who's your favourite singer/group?

Jason Coghill - He is a Australian christian singer who puts Psalms to a tune - he's really cool. i've been to one of his concerts.

And Brooke Fraser. She is a kiwi christian singer.

And Britt Nicole

#2 If your favourite male actor was in the same room as you right now, what would your reaction be? 

um, Eddie Redmayne or Richard Armitage or Ewan MacGregor? for all of them i would prob just stand in shocked amazement and when recovered would squeal and asked for heaps of autographs!

#3 Is there a famous person you used to love but (due to something they have done in their life) you've suddenly changed your mind?


#4 Name a famous person you like who's name starts with a V.

Viggo Mortensen!!!   Aragorn!!!   Lord of the Rings!!!

#5 What's one of your favourite red-carpet dresses?

Amanda Seyfried's in the One Day More Reprise thing. It isn't a red carpet dress but, yeah....
it's really pretty.

#6 Who's your favourite Royal person?
um,  Grace Kelly or Diana Spencer



Kate Middleton!  Duchess of Cambridge
have to have George in there some where!

#7 Who's your favourite child actor/tress

Isabelle Allen definitely. She's so adorable!

#8 Is there an actor/actress you actually like their private lives of? (Not sure if that last question was properly phrased.)

um, no...?  i don't really know what their lives are like behind the scenes...?

#9 Do you think that the actors/actresses have improved these last 100 years?

in the way they act?  yeah...i guess....maybe

#10 What's the weirdest famous-people name?

uh, i don't know...

#11 Do you think you look like a famous person? Which one(s)?

maybe ever so slightly like Samantha Barks
#12 Share your favourite famous-person quote.

#13 Who's your favourite dancer?

i don't know many any dancers really...

#14 Why is your favourite actress your favourite one? When did you decide that she was your favourite?

     Anna-Sophia Robb. she's just amazing. and she's in three of my favorite movies/books
   --Soul Surfer - Bridge to Terebithia (iv'e only read the book)- Because of Winn-Dixie --

She's really cute in bcos of w.d. and cool in s.s.
I just like her!
Samantha Barks
she is really cool! ( do i use the word cool to much?) and of course cos she plays Eponine in Les Mis! ans she's really pretty (:

#15 Have you ever met/seen/been close to a famous person?

no. sniff.  Will and Kate have been in NZ but i didn't see them. sniff sniff

Thanks Naomi for tagging me!
some of my answers weren't great but....

i'm tagging:

Naomi Bennet (back at you!)



Miss Brandon

Kaity King


Happy Blogging!


  1. Oooh great tag!! :D
    I really enjoyed your answers.. I can't belive I didn't think of Aragorn when I did the tag!! I did Verity Hunt Ballad- The Aussie Mary Poppins.
    Me, Myself and I

  2. Thanks for completely my questions, Ainsley!
    Samantha Barks is a lovely actress... she has the most beautiful voice!