Friday, 13 June 2014

Barricade Boys Week

Three cheers for the Barricade Boys!!!
Once again, the time has come for us to celebrate Barricade Boys week/day.
First of all a small tribute to them:

 Sadly they have left out Gavroche and  Marius in this picture, but its still pretty  cool! The three soldiers and the funny striped post kind of ruin it though.(:

I'll just list my three favorites and then get on with things.

My favorite: (though he's not really counted as a b-boy)

He is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love his cute cockney singing in DYHTPS and in DWM. "To be!". This little guy was really cool in the book as well as the movie! (:

My second favorite is...Combeferre!
This guy is really COOL! In the book this guy was quite a main person in the whole marius/barricade section. It was kinda annoying how they didn't really show this in the movie. One of my favorite sentences in the book is:

 "Enjolras was the leader, Combeferre the guide."

Of course, preferably the last half.(;
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaany way, a quick toast to this guy....




                              For third place i couldn't make up my mind, sooo...


I couldn't find a proper pic of Courf, but these 2 are okay.[:
Anyway, I'll first talk about Marius....

This guy pretty cool! I like how he wears blue; it looks really sweet with Cossete in pink.
He is also quite handsome and just nice all round. {:
My favorite bit with him in the book is probably the whole robbery/guynapping thing.Thiswas sadly left out in the movie.): My favorite movie scenes with him are AHFOL and THE WEDDING!

This dude is really cool! I love his friendship with Gavroche.(:
"As you can tell, right?"    (random dispicable me quote) [:

(He is also rather handsome) heehee!
I love all his seens with Gavroche!

Snif, snif.

Anyway, So long all!

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