Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Les Mis Quiz

These Questions are mostly from the book, but a few are from the movie.

Q.1. Give 3 of  Valjean's fake names. Clue: One is a title.

Q.2. Give Thenardier's actual fake name.

Q.3. What was Marius' fathers first name?

Q.4. Who, in the book, talks about stars and candles?   
     Clue:nothing to do with Javert.

Q.5. Who are the two maids at the Corinthe Tavern? This is where      the barricade is in the book.

Q.6. Who carried Gavroche behind the barricade when he was shot?

Q.7. How many children are in the Thenardier family?

Q.8. What the Thenardier girls' names?

Q.9. When Eponine comes into Marius' room, what does she write on      a piece of paper?

Q.10. In the book, do the other barricade boys .a. get angry at,       or .b. congratulate Marius when he threatens to blow up the       barricade and the soldiers retreat.?

      Good luck, and let me know your answers soon


  1. 1. Monsieur Madeleine, Monsieur le Maire & Monsieur Fauchelevent.
    2. Jondrette
    3. Georges
    4. Grantaire
    5. Matelote & Gibbolote
    6. Marius (Yes, Marius, not Courfeyrac :) Oh well)
    7. Five
    8. Eponine & Azelma
    9. "The bobbies are here" (or "the bogeys are all around") depending on the translation.
    10. b. Congratulate him. (Combeferre.....tsk tsk)

  2. Congratulations big sis! All of your answers are correct!