Friday, 15 August 2014

Random post on peoples clothes....

So i'm just gonna do a post on my favorite boy/girl outfits from different

first up...

The Young Victoria....

Victoria and Albert's wedding outfits. Victoria's dress is really pretty and i love the flowers in her hair.

 She wears an exquisite brooch and a nice necklace. The flowers on the chain thing around her neck are also quite pretty.

The coronation ball dress. I love the yellow with the red. The silver design on Albert's coat is really cool.

Pride and Predjudice.

I love the design of Lizzy's bonnet and the flowerson it.


   I love Sophy Hutton's dresses. They are all quite pretty but still look practical.


Mary Smith and Peggy Bell.Wearing their matching dresses! I love Mary's dresses, they are all really nice.

Ever After.

The dress Danielle wears when she goes to the castle is really pretty.

Les Miserables.

 This dress Cosette wears during "Every Day". I love the color and the lace on it. You can just see that she is weraing purple beaded slippers.

THE WEDDING DRESS IS AMAZING!!!  Its really pretty cos its a pale pink which looks really cool with the lace.Her hair and earring are so pretty too.

Wives and Daughters.


Molly's dresses are practical and pretty.I love the dress that she wears at the ball.(below)

The Sound of Music.

The kids costumes are really cool.

Anyway  so long!


  1. Squee. Squee. Squee. I LOVE these costumes.
    Victoria's coronation ball gown. is. priceless. Lurve. Lizzy's dresses? Always lovely. One can take that for granted. You know, I think that's the same dress Mary Smith and Peggy Bell are wearing, only altered to make us viewers think it's a different one. I'm pretty sure it's the same... they never wear it together, do they?
    Ahhhh... Cosette's wedding gown. I want. I need.
    And lastly... the von Trapp children... OH MY WORD. 'Cool' isn't enough to describe them, dear. Their dresses are magnificent... I've stolen the picture. It was unresistable.
    Thanks for the post. I made me swooooon. :-) Heehee.

  2. Haha! have you watched 'return to cranford'? Mary gives Peggy some of her dresses because Peggy has really old-fashioned clothes.They just wear different collars! (:

  3. All of these are lovely!

    Victoria's ballgown is just scrumptious...*sigh*

    Yes, aren't Molly's dresses all so sweet and pretty, yet practical and not over-the-top?:)