Sunday, 7 September 2014

Guest Post ~ Fan Fic Genre Mix-up

This post was inspired by Anne-girl's post here.

Hello! Ainsley here. My sister, Emily Blakeney, is here for a guest post!

Emily here! Thanks for letting me invade your blog, sis!
So we were playing around this afternoon - we got the idea from Anne-girl's post as linked above (read that post, guys, it's Hilarious with a capital H!) - and here is our result:

The Characters:
Marius Pontmercy - Les Miserables
Anne Shirley - Anne of Green Gables
Gavroche Thenardier - Les Miserables
Gale Hawthorne - The Hunger Games

Sonny-Bill Williams - NZ Rugby Player

Eden Park (Rugby Grounds), Auckland, New Zealand - 2014
Sonny-Bill is tossing a rugby ball around, practising. 

Gale is hiding behind a row of seats, creeping around, looking for Peacekeepers.

Gavroche strides in with a pistol.

Anne Shirley and Marius find each other at the entrance.
Anne is looking for the lake of shining waters; Marius is wondering where the barricade has gone.

Sonny-Bill (to Gale): Oi! What ya doin' up there, bro?

Gale: Are you a Peacekeeper?

S-B: Am I a what-what?

Marius (approaches): What are you doing? Where are we?

S-B: Eden Park! Wanna pass around?

Gale: Wanna what?

Gavroche plays around with his trigger-less pistol.

Anne: Have you seen the Lake of Shining Waters? I seem to have lost my way.

Marius: The Lake of What?

S-B: C'mon! (To Gale) Catch, bro!

Gale doesn't catch. Sonny Bill runs up the field. Soon he comes back.

S-B: Yeah! I got a try, man!

Gale: Well, that's okay; keep trying. What exactly are you trying to do?

Marius: You'll get there one day.

S-B: I got a try! I got the ball over the line! Try! Touch-down! Score! Get the picture?

Gale: Sort of. 

The scene changes. 

Paris, France - 1832

Marius: Ah! Here we are! TO THE BARRICADE!!

Gavroche: Who's there? French Revolution! Yeah! C'mon, boys!

S-B: To the what-what??

Gale (to Marius): Hey! Hey, is this a revolution?

Marius *lowers gun to look at Gale as if he is crazy*: Uh, YEAH!!!

Gale: Oh yeah!!!! At last; I've been waiting for this all my life! At last we can overthrow Snow and be free!

S-B: Dude, it's summer - and we don't get much snow here, anyways.

Anne: Have you seen-

Marius: -the Lake of Silly Waters? No!

Anne: I dropped Marilla's brooch in it - and if I don't find it, she won't let me go to the picnic!

Gale: Who cares? We're revolting here!!

Anne: Yes, you are revolting!

Marius: If you're quite finished - hurry up! We have only fifteen minutes to build the barricade!

Gale: A barricade! Ooh, yeah!! Aw, man! Furniture? That's not very stable; it should be concrete.

Marius: Just move! *begins building barricade, humming Building the Barricade soundtrack*

S-B (To Marius): Hey, dude! What is this, World War 3 or something?

Gavroche: WORLD war?

Marius: Barricade!!!

Gale: Yeah, what he said! Oh, by the way - d'ya have any bombs or anything? We'll need a lot to destroy Snow's Peacekeepers.

Marius: Bombs?

S-B: I told you; there's no snow!

Gale: Or a machine-gun?

Gavroche: Marius! My pistol 'asn't got a trigger!

Marius: Here - take this carbine!

Gavroche: I want a big gun!

Marius *gives Gale and Gav each a large gun*: Here, use these! Get behind the barricade. Save your gunpowder.

Gale: I think I see a Peacekeeper! 

S-B: A what?

Marius (To Anne): Hey, you! Stop picking daisies, and get behind the barricade! You'll get killed!

All are huddled behind the barricade. The scene shifts again.

Avonlea, Prince Edward Island - 18--

S-B: Hey, this dirt is red! Like blood!

Marius: RED! THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN! *continues singing Red and Black to himself*

Anne: The Lake!! *runs off*

Gale: What's happening? Have we won??


Gale: Election time!

S-B: What for? It's not til the 20th! By the way, this soil looks volcanic! Mt Eden is a dormant volcano; it's gonna BLOW!!!

Gale: You are so dumb. Dormant volcanoes don't blow! And yet, it could be a trap. 

Gavroche: Volcanoes explode.

Marilla appears.

Marilla: Anne! There you are! *Anne and Marilla leave*

The scene changes again.

The Capitol, Panem - 3015 (or somewhere in the future)

Marius: Where are we now?

Gale: The Capitol! Come on!

S-B: The what??

Anne reappears: Here I am! 

Marius *sighs*: I thought we got rid of you.

Anne *grins*: Nope!

Gale: A hovercraft! Shoot!!!!!

*they shoot*

Marius: Hey, what are those things?

Gale: Bombs! We gotta detonate them! *they shoot and the bombs blow* That'll blow up the Justice Building!

S-B: Okay.......

Gavroche: It's this funny thing again! *finds a rugby ball*

Anne: Shall we go for a stroll to the Dryad's Bubble, and have a picnic!

Gavroche: To the WHAT?

S-B *spots the rugby ball*: MY BALL!!!

Marius: protective about his ball, isn't he?

Gale: Hmph. Unimportant.

They look around and discover that they're back where they started.

Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand - 2014

Gale: I'm hungry! Is that a rabbit? *races off*

Anne: The Dryad's Bubble! I can see my bosom friend Diana - she is waiting for me! She has something very important to tell me; I can tell by the way she is waving her arms around! *departs, followed by Gavroche.

Marius: The Rue Plumet! Cosette! *leaves*

Sonny-Bill shrugs, and plays around with his ball.