Tuesday, 16 September 2014

"...and Mary danced only four dances!..."

I'm going to an english country dance in october! I can't wait!
I am going in a pretty blue flower-patterned Marie Antoinette style dress, made by my amazing sis beth, and adjusted by moi.my sister beth posted pictures of our last one here. I will take as many pics as i can to post here!
And here it is!

Sorry but this was the best photo so you will have to crane your neck a bit! (or tilt your p.c.!)

It has a petty coat thing under neath and then the over part is laced up with a black ribbon.
I just can't wait to wear it and to go to the dance and take heaps of photos for you lovely people to look at!


  1. Wow, Ainsley! That's so cool! I can't wait for the dance either!!! It's only like 24 days away!!!!!!

  2. I know! i just can't wait! (skippety dance in a circle)
    ainzy <3