Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Loom Band Tutorial - Friendship Frill Bracelet

Hey guys!
I can't believe it has taken this long for me to put a tutorial on here! Sadly my video's don't work on here so I've done it in pictures. This is a cute as bracelet called the "Friendship Frill" bracelet. My BFF designed it and we both made it.It is really cool so please try! We had so much fun making the video tutorial for it so is was a pity that it didn't work! ): 

Anyway, enough chit chat, lets loom!

You will need:

48 bands in all. It is good to use 3 different colors, so 16 of each.
we used pink, yellow, and black.

12 black  4 for extension.                      1 loom

12 pink   4 for extension.                       1 S clip

12 yellow 4 for extension.                      1 hook

Have your loom in a straight configuration. The pins should be even at both ends. Have the arrows pointing away from you.

Taking the twelve pink, you will lay them on the outer edge of the loom, as if you were making an ordinary chain bracelet.

Lay it like this to the end of the loom.

It should then look like this.^

Then you will lay your yellow on the middle row, in the same way.

Lay it like this to the end of the loom

It should then look like this ^

You will now do the black bands. These should be placed in a square.
Like below..

You will lay them like this to the SECOND TO LAST PINS.

Like this ^

On the last pins a black band must be twisted round twice.
This is the cap band.

 Now it is time to hook!
Turn your loom around so that the open side of the pins faces you.

Go inside the black cap band and hook the yellow to the next pin up.
Do the same with the pink.

It should look like this ^

Hook the yellow all the way up the loom.

It should look like this.^

Do the same with the pink, right to the end of the loom.

It should look like this.^

Slip your hook inside the yellow and black bands and take the yellow over onto the pin with the pink.

Then pull through them a pink band.

Slip the pink band onto your hook and pull the bracelet of the loom.

Slip one side of the pink band over the other to make a loose slipknot.

It should now look like this!

At the other end is the cap band. Slip this on to your hook.

Then pull a pink band through it. This is going to be the extension. Just keep slipping the next band through. It should look like a normal chain.

Like this ^

I did my 4 pink then 4 black then four yellow, as above.

At the other end, undo the slipknot.

Attach it to your S clip.

It should look like this ^

And now you have a really cute little bracelet!

I hope you liked this tutorial and the bracelet and I hope to do another tutorial sometime!

From Me!


  1. That is so cool, Ainsley!!!! Like it I do!
    P.S. I'll try to bring the Star Wars 1 on Sunday!

  2. Thanks! I've been wanting to know how you make these for a long time... thanks so much!


    that's okay guys! i have another one coming up! <3