Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Movie Review of Cinderella!

hmm, i haven't posted something proper for a while so this had better be good!
let us begin.

'once upon a time...'

                                     'don't you think she needs a more substantial shawl?'
  So. The story line follows the usual 'Cinderella' story. Father marries mean lady with mean daughters. Father ------. Ella becomes a servant. Goes to ball. Falls in love with prince. Leaves at midnight. Loses her slipper. Prince finds her. They live happily Ever After.(that movie's cool too)
But of course it is far more interesting than that... 

Cinderella (Lily James) was perfectly pretty and sweet and magic-bluebirds-y nice as she is meant to be. Kind and caring, slightly scared of her stepmother, but keeping to the vow she had made to her mother. 'Be Kind, and have Courage."  Her blue dress was very pretty, and the dress she wore as a little girl was nice too.

Ella and her Mother. Their dresses are very pretty!

Drizella, the stepmother, and Anastasia.

The stepmother was very mean but i think i prefer her to the baroness in 'ever after'.
Drizella and Anastasia were silly,as they should be and always wear matching dresses with D in yellow and A in pink.

The Prince is first seen when the two cross paths in the woods. Cinderella convinces him to stop hunting for sport which they have no need of.  'Kit' is puzzled by this but hopes they will meet again.
On first impressions he's kind of cheesy. Someone described him as a frog. But you get used to him.

What i love is that the moviemakers obviously tried hard to capture the magical sweetness and prettiness of "Cinderella". Another i found funny but nice, is the little blue birds...sadly i couldn't find any pictures of them, but they were just like the little birds in the fairy-tale story.

The King...poor guy doesn't look to happy. I think he was perfect for the king. Really nice, with
'Obi-wan Kenobi' hair.
Yes. He was great.

Now of course i don't want to give lots of things away, i mean, i couldn't just spoil this fabulous movie for everyone else! I won't say any more but i will post some pretty photos!


                   You Shall go to the Ball!!!


  1. Aww, yes, wasn't this movie adorable?:D Haha, I liked the Ever After references; I love that one!

  2. thanks!! ever after is really neat!