Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pictures of me, sisters, sisters friend, and brother..

So on sunday my older sisters (elizabethany and emily) had their friend Esther over and we decided to go to the park and take some photos! so here are the best ones...

Me! this is also my new profile pic.

A pretty leaf.

Preparing for the next photo..

Five pairs of feet and a handful of bark.( ;

Esther looking pretty.

Cute younger siblings Ruby and Thomas.


Esther and older sister Emily, uh, sleeping?

Bethany looking cool in a tree.

Emily is sweet.And Ruby in the backround is cute.

On the way home. 3 girls jumping.

Beth telling me how to do the next shot...

And because he cant be left out, Lucas! and Tommy (:

Here is a post that Beth did on them.
 Hope you enjoyed!

Ainsley   (-:

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