Sunday, 19 October 2014


hello everyone! how are you all? how have your holidays been?

          a cool pic even though it's not summer hols!

well, mine were ok.

things i did

. i had to get flu, so i missed the country dance!

. but had some fun with family and me cuuuuuty bubby cuzzy! (said in fake baby-talkish voice)

. got enrolled in a Youthline Art Course at UCOL. Today we're doing sculpting! yay!

. went to the park with family

. had a sleepover with my bestie

. just hung round at home! you know, playing with siblings, schoolwork, baking.(yes i did a pinch of maths!)

Things i want to do...

. accomplish a great work of art (i guess you could say art is like the only thing i'm good at and enjoy)

. adjust the story i wrote to something more interesting (it's sooo boring at the moment!)

. be more helpful around home

. read my Bible more

What are your aims ideas?

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  1. I nominated you at my blog!