Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cool Ear-phone Bracelet Tutorial

Hello!!!  I hope some of you enjoyed my last post with the String Art Board tutorial and today I have a tutorial for a really cool recycled ear-phone bracelet. I have used mostly pictures and some of them are not to clear but I hope you are able to see and understand them. Enjoy!

What you will need:

A pair of old/broken earphones.
A pen or pencil.

If your ear-phones have a small joining piece like this carefully cut it off. Also cut of the ear-phone heads and the plug.

Then pull the two strings apart. 

Making sure the strings are even, slip knot them onto the pen.

Then take the left outside string and put it between the two right-side strings.

Then take the outside right string and put it behind the two middle strings and in front of the outside left string.

Then pull the two outside strings tight.

Now take the right outside string and put it in front of the other strings, to the left.

Now take the outside left string and loop it behind the two middle strings and through the loop made by the right string. 

Pull tight and you should have a stitch shaped like a side-ways V, like the picture below.

The next stitch is the same as Step 2., only on the left side.

Take the outside left string and place it over the other strings. 
Then take the outside right string and loop it through the left string, behind the middle strings and out of the loop made by the left string.
I hope that makes some sense!

Then repeat Step 2. to complete the stitch.

Repeat Steps 2. and 3. until the bracelet is around an inch too short for your wrist.

You will notice that the outside strings are a LOT shorter than the middle strings. Knot the outside strings together as tight as you can, then cut short enough to be able to untie when you want.

Take the bracelet off the pen.
Untwist and flatten the two loops.

Cut the middle strings. Leave enough length of string to double knot to the loops.

I hope you liked this tutorial and were able to understand it!

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